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The NEW New Year’s Day

Kelly Elliott is a group fitness instructor. She is an inspiration to me! I asked her to write for Hungry Heartbreak because I know she will also inspire you.  She is a mom of three beautiful girls, Grace, Sarah and Sophie. When she is not at the gym she is with her girls at the pool. They are all on swim team year round. See her blog flylikeagirl to read more about Kelly.  ”Imagine Dance Moms in a locker room and Toddlers and Tiaras in a pool. And in the summer all of the moms in bikinis. That’s hot.  With a little soccer on the side.” ~ Kelly Elliott.

 New Year’s Day is long thought of as the day of change.  I am going to change….change the way I eat, the way I exercise, the way I think about myself, the way I feed my kids.  Out with the old, in with the new.  It’s so cliché.  I know all about resolutions, I have made plenty myself. I also know all about failed resolutions.  We have all been there.

As a group fitness instructor, I see class attendance drop in the summer.  When the kids are home it is much more of a challenge to get out the door to attend a 9:30 AM class.  Summer activities, such as swim team and soccer camp, have us running a full service taxi operation.  Every night becomes a sleepover night.  Or we off visiting family and far off locations.  Whatever the reason, you may not have been there as much as you hoped.

Once the kids are back in school and fall is in the air we start to see changes.

Change in schedules – the kids are on a routine, out the door early with earlier bedtimes.
Change in the air – the weather is cooler and the days are shorter.
Change in organization-sports and after school activities occupy our evenings.

I pride myself on having the laundry done, beds made, healthy snacks prepared and swim bags packed and ready to go before the kids get home from school.  Because my full time job – that of mom – starts at the sound of the school dismissal bell, I tend to spend my mornings cleaning, running errands and cooking.

With all of the change that comes with the new school year and new season though, why do we not think about a change in ourselves?

Why wait until January 1st to get back on the program?  Today.  Today is the perfect day.  It doesn’t matter what day it is.  Just go.  Don’t make a resolution.  Don’t make a goal.  Just make a change.  Change your routine and make one hour for yourself to go to the gym.   It doesn’t matter what you do there.   Just go.

Trust me, the beds will still get made, the kids will still be fed and the errands won’t go undone.  The only change you will see by taking that tiny little hour for yourself is a change in the way you feel.  One hour of exercise will make you a better person.  You will feel better, be more motivated to eat well, it aids in sleep habits and most importantly it will make you a happier person. Never mind that you are setting an example for your children that a healthy lifestyle is important.

I often hear people say that they feel guilty taking time away from their families to exercise.  I am a firm believer that if mom is happy, everyone is happy.  Give yourself the gift of being happy and healthy.  Make a change today.  Don’t wait for a New Year.  Don’t wait for a new day.  What are you waiting for?


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