Client Testimonials

I have never been a “vitamin person”. I eat a healthy diet, get lots of exercise and have never been deficient in any vitamins at my annual physicals.  But after I had my third child I saw a video Amy did about the benefits of Vitamin B and how taking it really increased her energy throughout the day and I thought…”I could use some of that”.  So I started with just the Nutrametrix B-Complex.  It was amazing.  I could literally feel the difference in my days.  When I came off my prenatal vitamins I decided to add the Multi-vitamin as well.  I felt great and noticed a big difference between when I did and didn’t take it.  It made sense to take the complete package of daily essentials – B Complex, Mutlivitamin, Calcium Complete, and OPC-3.  I was saving money on buying them all in a 90 day supply.  This stuff is amazing.  I stay energized throughout the day, my mood has improved and I am almost never sick…and with 3 boys in school, that is a true miracle!  I can’t say enough about Nutrametrix.  I am believer!


As a fellow holistic health coach and personal pilates/yoga trainer I am skeptical about cleanses and detoxes.  Over the course of a few months I started feeling tired and bloated.  I was completely mystified by it.   I typically eat a clean, whole foods based diet but something was going on in my body I couldn’t figure out on my own.  I turned to Amy and asked her for help.  I told her I didn’t want anything that put fake shakes in my body, synthetic nutrients or was restrictive.  She said she had the perfect plan for me.  Within a week, I felt a heavy fog lift from my head and I was thinking more clearly.  By the end of the program, my bloating and inflammation was completely gone, I had lost several inches and was feeling amazing!  My clients were commenting on how clear and bright my skin looked and how much more energy I had.  It was a complete health reboot!!!  I learned that things that once worked for me, were no longer ideal for where I was at this point in my life.  As I was getting older and my lifestyle changed, this health reboot help me focus on what I needed now to feel healthy and energetic.  I am so thankful to Amy for helping me solve the mystery and get me back to feeling my best!


I have never done a detox program before and was not sure what it entailed.  I also was very skeptical of the results from other participants.  WOW, was a surprise!

I thought I ate healthy foods, exercised regularly and could not understand why I was not losing weight and was very frustrated.  In my “wildest dreams” I never imagined in 21 days I would lose 8 lbs. and 6 inches.  I am ecstatic I lost lbs. BUT losing inches is spectacular!  I am wearing clothes I have not worn in a long time!

I am told my skin glows, my stomach is no longer bloated, my energy level has improved and my digestive system is working so much better.  It has been easy for me to continue eating the “right” kinds of food.  I used to eat way too much fruit and not enough vegetables – when I “slip-up” and eat too much sugar or dairy my body tells me!

I have also continued with the vitamins that came with the initial cleanse kit – I drink my morning vitamin cocktail every morning!

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Amy’s weight loss program and am grateful for all the helpful information Amy has shared with me to feel healthy and energetic.  I am so thankful to Amy for helping me solve the mystery and get me back to feeling my best!


As a mom of 3 young children with very active lives I was often tired and turning to caffeine for that afternoon boost. I knew I needed to take better care of myself and looked into different vitamin supplements. I decided to try NutraMetrix and love them. I have more energy and I have noticed a difference in my skin and digestive tract as well. I look forward to my vitamin cocktail and probiotic every morning!

My children have started taking the kids vitamins and we have been able to fight off sickness much quicker.

I have gotten many friends hooked, thank you Amy!!!!


I HIGHLY recommend Amy’s “21 Days to a Fresh Start” program as well as the associated nutrametrix products. Amy is a fantastic coach who encourages you every step of the way. She provides recipes as well as reviews others you want to use and helps to adapt the program based on what is happening with your body. I had a lot of bloating and digestive issues at the outset. Amy recommended some additional products (aloe concentrate, probiotics, and digestive enzymes) that settled my system. That, plus the clean eating and vitamins, resulted in me losing nearly a pound a day and inches of off my waist, hips, and chest. My skin became very soft; my nails super smooth. My sleep improved and my energy level sky rocketed. I feel better than I have in years.





Before working with Amy, I had gained 15 pounds during tax season with the stress and the lack of sleep. I had tried all summer to lose 15 pounds but no matter what I did I would lose a few pounds then gained them back. I would lose a few pounds and gain back, repeatedly. I was getting getting very frustrated but continued to try to no avail. I then met with Amy and she suggested doing a 21 day cleanse. I was skeptical that I would lose anything more then maybe 5 pounds since I had been been trying and trying but I decided to give it a try. I am so glad that I did. I lost 7 pounds in the first week and a total of 10 pounds across the 21 days. I have been able to keep it off and people at the gym have noticed and commented and asked what I did. I tell them I did Amy’s 21 day cleanse. I now plan on working with Amy and doing her 21 day cleanse in the spring right after tax season so that I can lose whatever weight that I end up gaining during that time this year. I also plan on doing the fall cleanse as well so that I can maintain my weight loss,

I highly recommend working with Amy and doing her 21 day cleanse twice a year. You will not be sorry.




Denise D.