I can spot beauty, magic, stillness, and love. I look for it all the time. The purest and littlest things catch my eye. I am always wanting to pause a moment in an image to keep forever. The things that inspire me can be as simple as the kids playing in the park, a meal I prepared for my family, fruits and vegetables in a basket, a bee sitting on a sunflower. But I absolutely LOVE a sunrise or a sunset, the change of seasons, the beauty in spring flowers, fall trees, a sandy beach and snow covered trees. Most of all I love to capture the connection and love between a family. Mixed with a gorgeous setting, light, and this makes me happy. As a mom, I see how fast time comes and goes. I cherish my pictures from over the years of my family.

I am self taught and still learning about lighting, editing and many other adventures while holding and shooting with a camera but I am soaking it all in. It would be an honor for me to do what I love with the people you love. Connect me today!

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